US fintech firm Cayan to add 65 roles by 2019 in Belfast
From left: Paul Vienneau, Cayan, with Jeremy Fitch, Invest NI. Image: Matt Mackey/

US fintech firm Cayan to add 65 roles by 2019 in Belfast

13 Dec 2017560 Views

Cayan is to establish a new services support function at its City Quays offices, which will create 65 new positions.

US payment-processing tech company Cayan has revealed that it will launch a new merchant services support function at its Belfast-based City Quays offices, creating 65 new positions in the process.

The roles being offered are in customer service and include client services representatives, team leaders and case managers. It is expected that these roles will be filled by 2019.

By creating this support operation, Cayan hopes to support its Genius platform and Unified Commerce Solution Suite.

Cayan’s bid to install new talent has been buoyed by Invest NI, which has made £680,000 worth of employment grants available to it.

Executive director of business and sector development of Invest NI, Jeremy Fitch, said the investment will generate £3.2m in annual salaries and “new staff will contribute to the development of Northern Ireland’s skills base”.

He continued: “Cayan’s decision to locate its primary customer services function in Belfast represents a major reinvestment for the company and demonstrates its confidence in Northern Ireland.

“Since opening its Northern Ireland office … Cayan has grown into an exemplary software development operation, producing industry-leading payment-processing products.”

Cayan first opened its Northern Ireland offices in 2013 and added 50 roles in January 2016. It provides payment-processing technologies and merchant services, and enables payments in both physical and mobile locations. The firm was founded as Merchant Warehouse in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1998 by current CEO Henry Helgeson.

Present at the announcement was Paul Vienneau, chief technology officer of Cayan, who said: “We are delighted with the growth of our Belfast operation to date, and locating our customer service team alongside our product development/engineering operations in Belfast will offer increased operating efficiencies.

“The positive work ethic of the Northern Ireland workforce, combined with our ongoing relationship with Invest NI, is enabling us to recruit the new staff we need to support the growth of our group operations.”

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