1970s Apple computer courting bids of US$242,400

12 Nov 2010

One of the first Apple computers ever made has been placed on auction by auctioneers Christies and is expected to sell for somewhere between US$161,600 and $242,400 – enough to buy around 242 MacBook Air MacBooks.

The Apple-1, considered to be the first home computer, comes with a useful 8 kilobytes of random access memory (RAM), keyboard interface, firmware in PROMS and a cassette board connector. It was built by Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976, and cost $666.66, according to Christies. It originally sold for US$500.

200 Apple-1 models

Apparently, the strange price can be attributed to the fact Wozniak was a fan of repetitive numbers and the model on sale is No 82 of the 200 Apple-1s that were built.

The package includes “the original packaging, manuals, cassette interface and basic tape, early documentation and provenance, and a commercially rare letter from Steve Jobs.”

As of 2008, 30-50 Apple-1 computers are said to exist and the model is considered to be a collector’s item.