AOL to let go of several hundred staff members

10 Mar 2011

AOL is reportedly planning to let go of several hundred of its staff members, targeting its editorial departments along with jobs in India.

According to All Things Digital, the company will let go of a large number of its staff on the content side of the business.

This is due to the overlap with The Huffington Post, a news site AOL purchased for US$315m.

AOL has made several acquisitions of news companies in recent years which, along with The Huffington Post, include tech news sites such as Engadget and TechCrunch.

The company will also let go of staff in its India operations. No staff within its network group or advertising sales unit will be let go.

Jonathan Dube, AOL’s senior vice-president of news, will be among those leaving. He started working at AOL in November after previously holding a position at as vice-president.

It is also suggested The Huffington Post co-founder, who is now in charge of news content for AOL, will be making big changes to the way the company’s editorial products are created and presented to readers.