Apple sues Amazon over ‘App Store’ name

22 Mar 2011

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Amazon over the use of the word “App Store” in time for the launch of the retailer’s online mobile software store.

According to Bloomberg, Apple filed the complaint on 18 March, saying Amazon infringed its trademark and wishes to prevent it from using the “App Store” name, along with requesting damages.

The lawsuit stated Amazon used the “App Store” title from the beginning of 2011 to advertise the fact that mobile game Angry Birds Rio will be available from its store in the future.

Apple said Amazon used the App Store name to “unfairly solicit software developers” to create apps for its online store and that, by using the term “App Store,” Amazon would “confuse and mislead customers.”

Amazon did not comment on the lawsuit.

Amazon App Store US launch

Today, many reports state that Amazon has launched its Amazon App Store. The store gives users access to 3,800 mobile applications so far, supporting hundreds of mobile operators and hardware manufacturers.

However, it appears it is only available to people within the US. Angry Birds Rio is reportedly available from the site for free for US customers today.

Microsoft v Apple

Microsoft has also been caught in a legal battle with Apple over the term “App Store,” claiming the term is too generic to trademark.

Apple hit back, stating that Microsoft itself had trademarked “Windows,” which Apple feels is just as generic.