Do you know these people? Office types – Gigglebit

30 May 2015

We can choose our friends, we can't choose our colleagues!

Could there be a more unnatural cauldron for personalities than the workplace? For eight hours per day people generally spend more time with strangers than they do with family or friends.

A sociological profile of the workplace would generally throw up certain stereotypes that are either very much urban myths or – if we are really honest – totally on the mark.

Yes there will always be gossips, over-promisers, sociopaths and climbers in any human collective, but in this time of social media and the internet we can all agree that these videos from Fast Company nail it.

How to tell if you’re ‘that person’ in the office

What you are really saying with those office fashion choices

Meeting fails

How you really sound asking for a raise

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years