Dublin town in all its glory … a YouTube hit? (video)

4 May 2012

A new video that went up on YouTube this week showing perspectives on all that is Dublin is catching a lot of attention – close to 54,000 views at the time of writing – basically telling the world how great the city is.

The film, shot in April by Philip White and Albert Hooi, takes the form of a kind of vox-pop where locals and visitors say what’s great about the city.

It shows off an eclectic array of shops and pubs and Guinness gets a good mention in quite a few places.

Most of the praise for the city focuses on its compact size, its charity shops, its character and its banter.

A couple of familiar faces like Louis Copeland and broadcaster Mary Kennedy get a look in.

The video captures the vibrancy of Dublin in 2012 and notwithstanding the prevailing economic winds it’s good to know that Dublin is still the only city in the world where the traffic stops to let ducks cross the street.

My favourite quote from the video sums up everyone’s relationship with Dublin: “It’s like a village and everyone knows each other … it’s also what I hate about Dublin.”


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years