Facebook blocks Breakup Notifier app

25 Feb 2011

Facebook has broken up with Breakup Notifier, a new app that drew 3.7m users in three days. The app notifies users of changes in their Facebook friends’ relationship statuses.

“In this particular case, Breakup Notifier triggered one of our automated systems. We’re currently looking into the issue and have reached out to the developer,” Facebook said in a statement.

More specifically, an email Facebook sent to the app’s creator, computer programmer Dan Loewenherz, read, “Your app unfortunately received very strong negative feedback from users, which is why it was detected and disabled by our automated systems. We are currently looking into your situation and will be in touch with more information when we can provide it.”

Loewenherz said he is working with Facebook to reinstate the app, which doesn’t appear to violate any of Facebook’s policies.

Despite the apparent popularity of the app, it garnered criticism from others who have described it as “creepy” and “stalker-like.”

Breakup Notifier works by emailing the user when any of their Facebook friends change their relationship statuses.

Loewenherz said he had built Breakup Notifier as “a bit of a joke”.