Facebook finally puts Effin, Co Limerick, on its map

6 Jan 2012

Social networking giant Facebook has recognised Effin in Co Limerick as being an actual place following a campaign by Effin native Ann Marie Kennedy.

Kennedy had tried to update her home location on Facebook last year but found her attempts were blocked because the word ‘Effin’ had been deemed ‘offensive’. Her efforts to garner support for Effin on Facebook via a campaign page titled ‘Please get my hometown Effin recognised’ was also blocked.

News about Kennedy’s efforts began to spread, and she was a guest on the Ray D’Arcy show. Now, at last, it appears Facebook put Effin on its map over the Christmas period.

The Irish Independent reported that Kennedy was unaware of the move until she saw a local girl had Effin listed as her home place on Facebook. The she spotted Effin on someone else’s page, too.

Siliconrepublic.com had asked Facebook about what was assumed to be a mapping glitch and the company pointed out a certain distinction. The reason why Effin was not on Facebook’s maps is because Effin is a parish, not a village.

Nevertheless, it is a place important to Kennedy and her neighbours, friends and their diaspora around the world.

Facebook users from Effin can now include the locality as their home places, however, users outside of Ireland are still unable to do so.

Kennedy, The Irish Independent reported, hopes this will also change. She has even written to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and invited him to come and visit Effin. There’s been no reply on that front as of yet.