Facebook spices up its Social Graph with unique user analytics

24 May 2012

Social network Facebook has added the ability within the Insights dashboard to allow app developers to monitor the number of unique people seeing and accepting their authorisation dialogue and publishing stories through their Open Graph.

This capability is timely insofar as Facebook has been emphasising lately the impact its apps and Timeline have been having on traffic for various online brands.

Writing in the Facebook developers’ blog, Calvin Grunewald says the new update will provide publishers with more insight into user behaviour and allow them to generate better Open Graph engagement.

“Insights has been providing developers with information about the number of stories published from their apps, the different channels used and their associated click-through rates,” Grunewald says.

“However, it has not indicated how many individual users performed the above actions, meaning that the numbers would have looked the same if one user published 20 stories, or if 20 users each published one story.

“This additional level of detail helps you better understand the level of engagement of your users, enabling you to make informed decisions to further improve Open Graph integration.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years