Finally! A new zombie-proof cabin is now for sale

21 Oct 2014

The exterior of the zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1)

To cater to every survivalist’s needs, a company is now selling a cabin it claims is ‘certified’ to be zombie-proof should the rest of the world come to an end from zombie hordes.

Tiger log cabins has seemingly stumbled on a potential goldmine as the love of zombie-related TVs, video games and books seems like it still has considerable steam left, with an actual answer to, ‘where would you go in a zombie apocalypse?’

The 8 metre x 13 metre cabin has been designed firmly with the idea that you would be able to prevent anyone, or anything, from breaching its defences, but also allowing those inside to remain relatively comfortable, with a toilet, kitchen, TV and even an Xbox and a set of turntable decks if you want to remix the Monster Mash with Thriller for maximum apt song usage.

Sit in comfort while zombie hordes scratch in futility at the cabin’s exterior. Image via Tiger log cabins

Designated simply as the Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1), it also features some rather more helpful additions, including an upper deck vantage point, reinforced windows and doors, as well as an arsenal for storing a variety of anti-zombie weapons.

Tiger log cabins even throws in a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee for those lucky enough to survive a zombie attack if the owner and company both happen to survive a potential apocalypse.

The downside? With all mod-cons, including solar panels, security cameras and riot protection gear, this will set you back an eye-watering stg£90,775 (€115,045).

I’d rather be a care-free zombie, thanks.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic