First music video social network launched

22 Sep 2010

Music video site has launched the first social network dedicated to music videos.

The site now includes a dashboard to give music fans real-time updates and videos from their favourite artists and also gives them access to Muzu’s library of more than 80,000 music videos for free.

Members of the network can receive updates from music publications and personalities, such as Scott Mills, Popbitch, NME and The Fly magazine.

Muzu now features an intelligent recommendation engine which highlights videos for members based on viewing habits and can suggest other members with similar music tastes to follow.

“There are countless ways to discuss and share music online, however, we felt it was time that somebody cut through the noise and created the ultimate destination for music fans,” said Mark French, co-founder of Muzu.

“These days, music sites need to do more than just provide users with content. Our visitors are part of the social-networking generation and they’re looking for a site that puts them in touch not only with bands and fellow fans but also keeps them updated on the music scene.  

“We’ve created the only space online where music fans can get all their news, videos and more in one place, share content with their friends and meet new people,” said French.