Gigglebit: Family Feud is the internet’s favourite game show

5 Jan 2015

Family Feud host Steve Harvey

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You know Family Fortunes? The long-running UK TV game show that asks two families to predict the results of surveys in which 100 people are asked open-ended questions? It was actually the US-based show Family Feud before the British adaptation was launched and, in recent years, has enjoyed a new surge of popularity with comedian and one of The Original Kings of Comedy Steve Harvey now serving as host.

With Harvey at the helm, the show has stumbled upon a winning formula: Ask contestants questions that will encourage risqué answers, and watch the host react. It’s not too subtle, but encouraging answers such as ‘penis’, ‘naked grandma’ and ‘sticking his hand in your butt’ has made it ripe for YouTube laughs.

Most videos are posted via the show’s own YouTube page and often include previously unseen footage. Harvey even mocks his guests from time to time, telling them of their impending internet stardom and throwing out his catchphrase, “It’s the greatest answer I’ve ever heard!”

Here’s some of our favourite Family Feud moments.

Harvey even made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last year, which saw the host, his announcer Steve Higgins and actor Jason Segal square off against house band The Roots.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic