Golden Pages upgrades its search features

28 Feb 2011

Golden Pages has launched a beta version of its new website, aiming to provide more relevant search results.

“This upgrade of is an important step in our strategy to continuously improve the ‘find’ experience for our users,” said Jose Lema, marketing vice-president, Truvo, Golden Pages’ parent company.

“Our ultimate goal is to make it easier and faster for consumers to find reliable information and connect with the businesses they are looking for.”

The “find engine” has been upgraded, with the site now offering a single or double search box, to let users choose to whether or not to narrow down results by location.

Users can search the yellow and white pages and the site shows results based on users’ search behaviour.

There is a topical widget, featured videos and top reviews. The site now has multiple filters and expanded sorting options.

Users can also access further information on their search results by hovering over the business’ name, which brings up a pop-up for more information.

The site is still in beta, so users can submit feedback about the new features.