Google+ gains 25m unique visitors in one month – report

4 Aug 2011

Google+ has drawn 25m unique visitors from its launch in late June to 24 July, comScore reports.

According to Reuters, comScore believes that rate of unique visitors for Google’s social network is growing by 1m users per day, making it the fastest website to reach an audience of this size.

Facebook took three years to reach this figure, though it did begin exclusively in US colleges and universities, and Twitter took more than 30 months.

However, comScore says the struggling MySpace attracted 25m visitors in less than two years, so this may not be a reliable indicator of success. Regardless, it’s a strong start for Google, which has been trying to break into social networking for some time.

The US had more than 6m unique visitors to Google+ and India had more than 3.6m visitors. Canada and the UK had 1m visitors each, followed by Germany with 920,000. Brazil had more than 780,000 and France and Taiwan had 500,000 each.