Hi guys! Check out this mega haul of 19 Irish vloggers to watch

1 Apr 2016

From video-game playthroughs to beauty tips to lifelogging to comic relief to dissecting a day’s worth of shopping, Ireland’s vlogging talent is prolific on all platforms.

Want to know Ireland’s fantastic vloggers and where to find them? Here’s a good place to start, with a multi-platform selection covering gaming, lifestyle, beauty and comedy.

Sinead Cady (TheMakeupChair)

Category: Beauty

Since 2010, Sinead Cady’s has been one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels for make-up tips in Ireland. In what is an incredibly competitive category on the video-sharing platform, she now has more than 800,000 subscribers to her channel and is, apparently, Ireland’s most subscribed-to female YouTuber.

Check out updates from TheMakeupChair on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and at TheMakeupChair.ie.

Karen Constantine (LovelyGirlieBits)

Category: Beauty, lifestyle

Karen Constantine is an Irish beauty blogger who produces content on all things make-up and beauty. She has a significant following across the social media spectrum and her videos are personable, funny and informative. Constantine compiles her blog with her sister Joanne and they started their YouTube channel in May 2013.

Check out LovelyGirlieBits on YouTube, Snapchat (Lovelygirlybits), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and at LovelyGirlieBits.com.

Clare Cullen (Clisare)

Category: Comedy

One of Ireland’s biggest YouTube sensations, Clare Cullen’s about as omnichannel as a millenial can be, with a fanbase across most mediums. Cullen’s activity on social media no doubt helped her land the role of Social Media Editor with Independent.ie (a position she left very recently), as well as attracting interest from the US, notably from the Collective Digital Studio.

Check out Clisare on YouTube, Snapchat (RealClisare), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and at Clisare.com.

Sharon Farrell

Category: Beauty

Sharon Farrell is an Irishwoman who vlogs with gusto from Sydney, where she has been living for the last few years. Her social media following is largely on YouTube, where she has more than 164,000 subscribers. Her videos are quirky but ultimately informative on vital make-up topics.

Check out Sharon Farrell’s updates on YouTube, Snapchat (shazmakeup), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and at SharonTheMakeupArtist.com.

Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons (Little Lizard Gaming)

Category: Gaming

Back in 2012, two brothers from Meath decided to create a channel to record themselves playing one of their favourite games, Minecraft. Now, four years later, the pair’s kid-friendly playthroughs of the game have seen them gain more than 2m subscribers to their channel.

Check out Little Lizard Gaming on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Brian Hanby (Terroriser)

Category: Gaming, comedy

A huge star on YouTube with almost 1.5m subscribers, Brian Hanby made his Terroriser name through videos of his Xbox gameplay with added humorous commentary. Hanby now also makes other comedy videos, as well as vlogs, and his popularity has extended beyond YouTube, with a strong following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too.

Check out Terroriser on YouTube, Snapchat (tterroriser), Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Suzanne Jackson (So Sue Me)

Category: Fashion, beauty

Suzanne Jackson set up So Sue Me in 2010 and has become one of Ireland’s biggest fashion and beauty bloggers with a huge following across all her social media networks. Her success has led to her writing a book and launching a make-up range.

Check out Suzanne Jackson on YouTube, Snapchat (SoSueMe_ie), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and at SoSueMe.ie.

Little Kelly

Category: Gaming

Little Kelly is a kid-friendly YouTube channel that commentates on and guides viewers through Minecraft games. She frequently collaborates with other Minecraft YouTubers such as Little Lizard Gaming and Little Carly, and also has a channel dedicated to toy reviews called Little Kelly – Toys & Play Doh.

Check out Little Kelly on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Riyadh Khalaf

Category: Humour

Born in Ireland, gay and the son of Saudi parents, Riyadh K has turned the apparent contradictions of his life into whacky videos, including making his parents read his Grindr messages on Valentine’s Day. He has amassed a substantial following on social media, including more than 134,000 YouTube subscribers.

Check out Riyadh K on YouTube, Snapchat (RiyadhK), Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Rosemary MacCabe

Category: Lifestyle

Rosemary MacCabe is a journalist and stylist based in Dublin. She covers most lifestyle areas with a focus on fashion and beauty and, recently, health and fitness. She’s very active on Instagram and Snapchat, in particular, where she gives a glimpse into her daily life.

Check out Rosemary MacCabe on Snapchat (RosemaryMacCabe), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and at RosemaryMacCabe.com.

Seán William McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Category: Gaming

Seán William McLoughlin, AKA Jacksepticeye, follows the tradition of many famous YouTube vloggers of taking intensity and ratcheting it up to 11. The 26-year-old Athlone man has been going since 2007, but after a shout-out from YouTube royalty PewDiePie, his channel grew from 2,000 subscribers to 1m in just one year, and he now has almost 10m subscribers to his channel.

Check out Jacksepticeye on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

James Mitchell

Category: Comedy

Although best known as a YouTuber, James Mitchell has been quiet enough on that platform in recent weeks but is still pretty active across his other social media channels. Mitchell went insanely viral last year during the Marriage Equality Referendum campaign via a video of him calling his granny and asking her to vote Yes.

Check out James Mitchell on YouTube, Snapchat (JamesMithcellTV), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

Melanie Murphy (MelaNiieVideos)

Category: Beauty, lifestyle

Melanie Murphy has an international audience of more than 341,000 followers on YouTube and 15,600 on Twitter. Her videos are witty, informative and at times irreverent and their hallmark is a high production standard with some DIY creativity thrown in. Murphy vlogs about beauty and travel with a healthy helping of style.

Check out MelaNiieVideos on YouTube, Snapchat (melaniiemurphy), Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

David Nagle (Daithi De Nogla)

Category: Gaming

Another one of the powerhouses of Irish YouTube gamers is David Nagle, AKA Daithi De Nogla, who, since 2012, runs the second-largest gamer channel in Ireland with 4.2m subscribers. Multitalented Nagle even creates his own animation shorts for the channel and illustrates the thumbnails for his gaming videos.

Check out Daithi De Nogla on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Rory O’Connor (Rory’s Stories)

Category: Comedy

Meath-man Rory O’Connor’s sketches began with GAA parodies, before he spread out into pretty much every aspect of Irish life. He once said his goal was to get on RTÉ’s Republic of Telly, which he has recently achieved.

Check out Rory’s Stories on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and his blog.

Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly

Category: Family, lifestyle

Probably one of the biggest Irish exports on YouTube with an impressive 1.3m followers, Jonathon and Anna Saccone-Joly are daily vloggers who blog about their lives with their two children Emilia and Eduardo, and their six Maltese dogs.

Check out the Saccone-Jolys on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Cian Twomey

Category: Comedy

Since 2011, Cork native Cian Twomey has been posting videos regularly to Facebook, exhibiting his comedy stylings around everyday observations of life with his girlfriend, Emily. As things stand, nearly 5m people like his Facebook page, and there have been rumours he could soon make the step towards TV.

Check out Cian Twomey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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