Is Facebook planning a Twitter integration?

19 Sep 2011

Very soon Facebook users may be able to connect their profile pages with their Twitter accounts, according to reports. The new functionality could be among a slew of new services to be announced later this week at F8, including the long-awaited Facebook iPad app.

The social networking giant – which now has 750m users worldwide – will be revealing a new generation of service to better compete with Google’s rival service Google+.

This morning, we reported that Facebook’s mysterious plans around music, video and other entertainment content will result in users’ profile pages being transformed into entertainment hubs through deals with players like Spotify.

It emerged this afternoon that a new way of linking status updates with Twitter accounts is on its way.

Such a service already exists on LinkedIn, where users can tick a box if they wish their status update to also be published on Twitter.

Last week, Facebook revealed plans to roll out a new “Subscribe” feature that gives users control over what friends share with them and also allows users to follow the posts of people who may not be friends or even acquaintances per se, but whose posts are interesting to them, such as popular comedians, politicians, journalists, etc.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years