Mac app allows users to tweet cover art of favourite music

15 Mar 2011

Redwind Software has unveiled a new app for the Mac App Store that allows users to easily tweet the info, the cover art and rating of their favourite songs.

The app, called #nowplaying, allows user to listen to and tweet their favourite tracks in one move.

By opening #nowplaying on their Mac, a message is pre-composed on the song the user is listening to.

The listener can then send or edit the tweet out to all of his or her followers.

Also included is an advanced ‘auto-tweet’ setting that automatically tweets anytime the track changes while the app is open.

The app is powered by Redwind’s SocialPod engine. “This remarkable new architecture enables us to quickly and easily plug in and tie together any social network in the world,” explained Redwind’s CTO Conor Winders.

“This seamless integration allows you to stay connected and keeping those important friends informed of your song, lyric and cover art choices from that day,” Winders said.