Marketers urged to crowdsource on Facebook

4 Dec 2008

PR and marketing professionals now have a new knowledge bank on Facebook that allows them to share and develop ideas in a community fashion.

Dublin PR firm Slattery Communications revealed the Get Creative Facebook-based application at the launch of the company’s new online public relations service ‘Engage Online’.

The application allows users to freely search and access a database of PR, advertising and marketing ideas and, drawing on the full range of Facebook tools, also allows people to add their own ideas, and vote and build on existing ideas through a comment function.

“Collaboration and communications are key drivers of online engagement, and this application is designed to foster online creativity within the marketing and communications industry,” explained Eoin Kennedy (pictured), associate director at Slattery Communications, who heads the company’s Engage Online service.

“Get Creative allows people to share ideas, both original and observed, and to create an online community focused on creativity. New thought streams will emerge from the online interaction around shared ideas.

“Ideas already on Get Creative range from event and photo-call ideas to advertising and direct marketing submissions. The tool will be utilised for company and campaign brainstorming to help capitalise on shared ideas.

“Prizes will be awarded periodically to the best ideas as voted by the community. Social-media platforms such as Facebook have reached critical mass in terms of number, and this application is designed to add a business function to Facebook that has real-life relevancy.”

The application was launched in support of EngageOnline@SComms, the company’s online consultancy service that helps organisations create, develop and execute digital communications strategies, which add value to and integrate with their traditional communications methods.

By utilising social media, blogging, search engine optimisation (SEO), video casting and podcasting technologies, Irish companies can maximise their traditional media activity with an online presence, in addition to creating direct channels to customers.

The company has recently supported launches with video and audio interviews, which were then uploaded to blogs, Facebook, You Tube and Bebo. Podcasting and video-casting services will be delivered through Slattery Communications in-house production and editing team.

“The communications landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years in line with broadband penetration and the emergence of a commercially significant ‘digitally native’ class of online users,” Kennedy observed.

“Traditional media remains strong, but there is an expectation that customers can also consume and experience brands in an online environment. As the technology platforms evolve, content still remains king, and companies willing to engage with consumers directly through the appropriate online channels will reap the rewards.

“The online environment can be a mine field and confusing for organisations as they try to align business strategies with changing audiences’ preferences. Our Landscape Mapping service is designed to help build a digital road map by using online tools to analyse a company’s current and future presence.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Eoin Kennedy, associate director at Slattery Communications

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years