New tech allows music lovers to play iTunes on any device

15 Feb 2011

Mobile software firm NewBay has unveiled new technology at the GSMA Mobile World Congress that allows music lovers to play their iTunes collection from any device. The Irish company has also signed a major licensing deal with LG Electronics.

NewBay has unveiled its LifeCache Digital Vault 2.4, which provides next-generation music, photo and video cloud services for operators and device makers.

The latest release of LifeCache Digital Vault brings strong music and media features to the cloud and the device.

With Digital Vault, users no longer need to be restricted by proprietary music clients like iTunes to listen to music collections they have purchased.

White label personal content cloud solution for operators and device makers

LifeCache Digital Vault is a white label personal content cloud solution for operators and device makers. With LifeCache Digital Vault, users can instantly back up or sync all their digital content (photos, videos, music and documents) direct from their devices (computers, netbooks, mobile handsets) into their personal online vault, and access that content anytime, anywhere and from any connected device.

Users can now copy their online purchases and CD collections to the cloud and listen to them from any connected computer, mobile handset, tablet or TV.

LifeCache Digital Vault already powers a comprehensive cloud media service for a US tier-one operator, providing full management of music, video and photos on a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, BREW and RIM.

In related news, it emerged that NewBay LifeCache SNG is the enabling platform for LG’s social-networking client on a range of devices available through a number of leading operators, including Verizon, France Telecom Orange and Rogers. With SNG, LG’s customers can instantly engage with friends and family across multiple sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

With LifeCache Digital Vault, users can stream video to their tablets or smartphones while on the train, listen to music in their cars, sync their files and folders across multiple devices and share documents with work colleagues – all from the cloud.

“Think about the simplicity of this type of service. Automated backup of your music collection to the cloud combined with the ability to stream music to any connected device. Consumers can now enjoy music, photos and videos whenever, wherever they want,” said David Manzor, senior product manager at NewBay.

“NewBay LifeCache presents an enormous business opportunity for operators and device makers to give users the cloud content services they want.”

Monetising cloud services

NewBay said operators and device makers can monetise this service via storage subscription and by targeted premium content offers based on user content metadata.

Users’ listening habits and stored content provide insights into their tastes and preferences which can be used to offer recommendations for purchasing content from similar artists.

Users can simply click on the offer and the music is automatically added to their vaults, and the music charge is added to their monthly bills from the operator.

The same concept applies to videos, movies and other types of premium content. In addition, in conjunction with LifeCache Adaptation and Delivery Manager (ADM), Digital Vault optimises the delivery of the content for superior user experience across multiple devices.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years