Private social app Brewster that makes sense of relationships goes live in Europe (video)

23 Oct 2012

Steve Greenwood, co-founder of Brewster

A social app aimed at individuals only that allows them to analyse all their social connections across the major social networks from Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn is now available in Europe.

Launched at the Dublin Web Summit last week by company founder Steve Greenwood, Brewster is described as an address book that understands your relationships with others.

“It brings together everyone you know, merges all this information and joins the dots,” Greenwood explained.

“It is 100pc private and allows you to make sense of everything that’s going on in your life.”

Greenwood explained the iPhone app works by showing you who’s trending in your life and who you are losing touch with.

“One of my favourite phrases is ‘relationships are complicated’ and I believe they become even more complicated as time goes on and as people interconnect.

“The idea is to make sure you know if a friend from college moves into your city or is leaving your city, avoid losing touch, or if you have tickets for a game the app will mine your address book and social media connections to see who would be fans of the teams playing.”

As well as users’ iPhone contacts, the app works with Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

“People and relationships matter to people who are all feeling a little overwhelmed by social media. Brewster lets you manage these relationships without ever doing anything,” Greenwood said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years