Twitter hits 10 billionth (or so) tweet

5 Mar 2010

Less than five months after reaching 5 billion “tweets”, microblogging site Twitter has now chalked up some 10 billion tweets.

The site Gigatweet, which “counts” the number of tweets (postings by members) on Twitter, isn’t an exact science, though. Gigatweet doesn’t count to an exact number, but extrapolated out when the 10 billionth tweet would hit based on previous tweet data provided by various sources, according to TechCrunch.

Most recently, the public knows Twitter is seeing about 50 million tweets per day now, because the service released that information.

Number watchers were monitoring the numbers appended onto the URL of each tweet as it was posted to determine when the 10 billionth tweet would go online. When it did reportedly happen, most Twitter users were unable to see the tweet, however, because the user has a protected stream.

Photo: The Gigatweet webpage