Twitter reveals 2010’s most powerful and retweeted tweets

15 Dec 2010

Twitter has revealed the 10 most powerful tweets and the 10 most retweeted tweets of 2010.

Most powerful tweets

The most powerful tweet of 2010 was reporter Ann Curry’s appeal to the US Air Force to allow Doctors Without Borders to land in Haiti, after the devastating earthquake this year. It managed to convince them to allow the flight to land, letting them provide much-needed medical assistance to the country.

Second on the list was the White House tweeting a welcome to the Russian President after he first joined Twitter.

A less political tweet came third. When a woman crashed her bike in a forest and couldn’t get reception on her phone, she managed to tweet a call for help, which ended up saving her life.

Clarence House’s tweet announcing the engagement of Prince William to Catherine Middleton reached No 6 on the list. The account was made specifically for this announcement.

Humour was not absent from the list, with a spoof BP Oil account reaching No 4, parodying the company’s attempts to enhance its image after its disastrous oil spill in the Gulf Coast. The tweet said the event shouldn’t be called a catastrophe and should be referred to as a “whoopsie daisy.”

The full list of most powerful tweets can be seen here.

Most retweeted tweets

The most retweeted tweet list was dominated by celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne and Kanye West apologising to Taylor Swift for interrupting her winning an MTV award.

The top retweeted tweet came from political satirist Stephen Colbert following the BP Oil Spill. The tweet said “In honour of oil-soaked birds, ‘tweets’ are now ‘gurgles.’ ”

Of course, wherever top 10s from 2010 are seen, pop star Justin Bieber can be found. If fact, not only did one of his tweets make the list, but celebrities tweeting about him made it, too.

The sixth most retweeted tweet came from Jonas Brother Joe Jonas which said, “I cry because I love Justin Bieber!!!” This tweet referenced how he met a girl who famously cried due to her love of the young Canadian star.

The ninth most retweeted tweet came from singer Rihanna, which said that Bieber “flashed me his abs in the middle of a restaurant.” It also contained the hashtag #Beliebersplzdontkillme.

There were a few tweets that didn’t come from celebrities which made the list that were focused on humour.

A fake Al Qaeda tweet came in at No 5, which said, “Just noticed Twitter keeps prompting me to ‘Add a location to your tweets’. Not falling for that one.”

A tweet from Sh*tMyDadSays reached No 10 in the most retweeted tweets of 2010.

A full list of the most retweeted tweets can be seen here.