Twitter reveals redesign

15 Sep 2010

Microblogging site Twitter has something to tweet about: its new redesign, which aims to give its 160 million users a rich, multimedia experience that also makes it easier to view photos and videos.

Information on Twitter is now spread over two panes instead of one page. One pane, or panel, features the 90 million tweets posted on the site daily. The other pane contains images within the text.

Deals had been struck with 16 photo and video sites, including YouTube and Flickr, to have their visual content embedded on the site, Twitter said.

The redesign also aims to have users spending more time on the site and returning to it more often. The revamped site will be rolled out to users over the next couple of weeks.

Evan Williams, Twitter’s chief executive and co-founder, revealed at the redesign’s launch in San Francisco, California, that 370,000 new users sign up to Twitter every day.