Undo send now a full feature on Gmail, thankfully

23 Jun 2015

Google has done us all a solid and brought its ‘Undo Send’ feature out of beta and into a full launch, meaning every Gmailer can now fix the error of their ways and stop sending the wrong message to the wrong people.

We’ve all done it. When we meant to send an email to cool Luke about the gig we were at over the weekend, we accidentally sent it to uncool, boss Luke, who hates music and loves wrecking our head. Our choice language and embarrassing attached images only add to our woes.

Well, now it’s different. Now ‘undo email Gmail’ need not be a worried search term.

At first, the feature is disabled. To enable it you have to go to your settings, then into the ‘general’ tab.

Auto undo email Gmail

Screen grab of the new auto undo feature on Gmail

Halfway down you will see Undo Send, which you need to click on and set a timeframe within which you would like the option to take back what you sent out.

You can do it up to 30 seconds after you send a mail if you want, but 10 should do.

This would have been very helpful back in February, for instance when Google’s auto-correct started messing up, with people sending countless emails to rarely-used contacts.

Ctrl Z image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic