Windows 8 not selling as fast as Windows 7 at launch, StatCounter claims

30 Nov 2012

Windows 8 is slower out of the traps than its predecessor Windows 7 one month after launch, according to internet usage data compiled by StatCounter. By 26 November, Windows 8 had worldwide internet usage share of 1.31pc compared to 4.93pc achieved by Windows 7 one month after its launch in 2009.

In the US, Windows 8 took 1.77pc of internet usage one month after launch compared with 5.21pc for Windows 7 a month after it was launched, according to StatCounter.

Globally, Windows 7 had 52.4pc of usage on 26 November, followed by Windows XP on 26.5pc.

In the US, Windows 7 had 49.48pc followed by XP with 16.07pc which was just ahead of Mac OS on 15.48pc.

StatCounter’s figures are based on more than 15bn page views per month worldwide, including 4bn in the US.

A stormy launch period


In relative terms however, Windows 8 has more than tripled its usage share in the first month after launch while Windows 7 only doubled its usage in the corresponding period.

StatCounter also points out that Windows 8 was launched amid the Hurricane Sandy disaster that hit the US east coast a month ago and suggests this may have impacted its launch performance.

“Microsoft has reported licence sales of 40m for Windows 8, however this has not yet translated into significant usage figures,” the CEO of StatCounter Aodhan Cullen explained.

“This may be due to sales to manufacturers rather than to end users so Windows 8 may well get a boost over the December holiday buying season,” Cullen added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years