Weekend takeaway: Human v AI

18 May 2018

Image: Maxuser/Shutterstock

Everything you ever wanted to know about AI, automation and the future of humanity and work in this essential weekend sci-tech round-up.

If EU states are to lead AI, they must not compete with each other

EU hand shaking robot hand

Image: posteriori/Shutterstock

With the US and China dominating in the field of AI research, EU member states are starting to realise that competing against one another will only lead to failure.

Take a peek inside some of the world’s largest automated factories

Robots working in a factory producing cars

Image: xieyuliang/Shutterstock

The factory floor was once a loud environment peppered with the shouts of human workers, but rapid automation is seeing many of them fall silent.

Here is how automation is going to change your working life

Laurence Buchanan, lead partner for digital with EMEIA advisory at EY. Image: Connor McKenna

Laurence Buchanan, lead partner for digital with EMEIA advisory at EY. Image: Connor McKenna

Future Human

The robots are coming, but are they a friend or a foe? We checked in with Laurence Buchanan from EY to discuss the various ways automation could affect both employees and employers.

How truly weird science is helping to develop self-assembling furniture

Carnegie Mellon's Lining Yao

Lining Yao, founding director of the Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University. Image: CMU

Lining Yao, founding director of the Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, wants to blur the distance between computer bits and atoms.

Everything you need to know about a career in AI

A toy robot pointing to a blackboard teaching you about AI.

Image: Besjunior/Shutterstock

Worried about the future of work? If you can’t beat the robots, join them.

How did the advent of cloud transform product engineering?

John O’Connell, head of production engineering at eShopWorld Image: eShopWorld

John O’Connell, head of production engineering at eShopWorld. Image: eShopWorld

For eShopWorld’s John O’Connell, it is the rapid pace of technological change that keeps his work varied and interesting.

How to stay relevant at work when automation arrives

Toy robot working on a laptop as automation becomes more prevalent in the future of work

Toy robot at work. Image: cjmacer/Shutterstock

Automation and robotics will have a huge impact on the working world as we know it. So, how can you stay relevant in the age of automation? Hays’ Jacky Carter has some advice.

From NB-IoT to LoRaWAN: Will there be one standard to rule them all?

City connected by IoT devices

Image: metamorworks/Shutterstock

Sensors capable of sending data streams remotely as part of the IoT sphere are going to be big business, but with so many standards it gets confusing quite fast.

How can employees be enabled, not replaced, by AI?

smiling happy robot, how employees can be helped by AI

Image: Besjunior/Shutterstock

Do workers and AIs have to be enemies? Not necessarily. If deployed correctly, machine learning and AI can free up workers from the most odious of tasks, writes Vin Vashishta.

Realising the future and full potential of connected IoT devices with AI

Lines from a wooden pencil connect bright dots on a blue texture background

Businesses can capitalise by connecting the dots between IoT and AI. Image: WHYFRAME/Shutterstock

IBM’s Alan Cooke says that today’s business leaders need to be reinventors with a vision to integrate AI with IoT across their business.