Aston Martin reveals first EV at Geneva International Motor Show

4 Mar 2015

The concept design for the Aston Martin DBX. Image via Aston Martin

It may have once been considered wishful thinking, but luxury car maker Aston Martin has surprised many by revealing its first electric vehicle (EV) concept, the DBX.

While the EV market is still lacking in what can be described as a luxurious car, bar the BMW i3, Aston Martin revealed its all-wheeled-drive car to a packed audience who, frankly, were more interested in the stunning Aston Martin Vulcan racing car with its enormous 7-litre V12 engine that will cost a pretty six-figure sum when it is eventually released.

While the DBX is unlikely to be released to the general public any time soon given it is still a concept car, this hasn’t limited Aston Martin’s ability to cram it with as much tech as possible that could one day make it on the road.

Most notable is the car has no engine compartment whatsoever, thanks to what its engineers say is the result of the development of electric, inboard-of-wheel motors which are powered by lithium sulphur cells.


The Aston Martin DBX cockpit. Image via Aston Martin

The DBX also has in its internal systems active LED exterior lights, carbon ceramic brakes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and rear-view cameras in place of conventional mirrors which it heralds as breaking the mould.

Much of these changes have been led by Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer who, not too long ago, was the executive vice-president of Japanese manufacturer Nissan and one of the company’s leading proponents for its expansion of EVs.

“I asked my team at Aston Martin to expand their thinking beyond conventions, to explore what the future of luxury GT motoring would look like in years ahead, and the DBX concept you see before you is the result,” said Palmer at the International Geneva Motor Show.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic