Chevrolet shows off mind-blowing, futuristic, self-driving electric car

21 Apr 2015

Image of Chevrolet FNR concept EV via General Motors

While concept cars almost never see the light of day, many will certainly hope Chevrolet’s new FNR self-driving electric vehicle (EV) concept, with its ultra-futuristic design, will one day drive us around.

The car made its debut during China’s biggest auto show, Auto Shanghai 2015, this week as part of Chevrolet’s parent company’s General Motor’s 10th anniversary of having a branch in Shanghai – and it didn’t disappoint when it comes to wowing an audience.

Developed in the Chinese city as part of GM’s Pan-Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) venture, the car’s design by the company is described as a ‘futuristic capsule’ that features laser headlights and rear lights, dragonfly dual swing doors, magnetic hubless wheel electric motors and wireless auto-charge system for easier charging.

Exterior of Chevrolet FNR

Image of exterior via General Motors

Given it’s a concept car, the FNR is also laden with science fiction-like technology, including sensors and roof-mounted radar that can map out the environment, allowing the car to drive itself as well as having the option to start the car with iris recognition scanners.

The car comes not long after Mercedes Benz showcased its own self-driving concept car, which, like the FNR, includes seats that could be swivelled around 180 degrees to face passengers when the car is driving itself.

Interior of Chevrolet FNR

Image of interior via General Motors

Meanwhile, back in the real world, GM also showed off its soon-to-be retail EV for the Asian market in the form of the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which promises an ultra-light but strong body, which can be fine-tuned by the driver to suit their EV driving style with an estimated range of 320km on a single charge.

As is common with more EVs on the market, the car will also support DC fast-charging.

Doors open on the Chevrolet FNR

Image of dragonfly dual swing doors via General Motors

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic