How do we build an IoT idea from the ground up?

27 May 2015

Before developing an internet of things (IoT) idea, we have to use the skill of abstraction to break a concept down to the smallest detail and then build it all the way back up. Sound daunting? Well let Intel’s VP of IoT, Philip Moynagh, help you get your head around it.

The art of abstraction is important, especially when it comes to looking at the smart cities concept.

Before we simply interconnect different infrastructure components like lighting, roadways or train lines, we have to break it down to the smallest concept as to what makes a thing more efficient.

But, just like it is necessary to break everything down to its smallest component, it is also important that we look at the biggest picture possible to come to terms with what way an IoT device can go, such as Philip’s example of a car’s engine leading us all the way to Star Trek.

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Abstraction visualised image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic