US Secret Service to use its own drones following White House ‘invasion’

25 Feb 2015

White House image via Diego Cambiaso/Flickr

After last month’s attempted ‘invasion’ of the White House grounds by a drone, the US Secret Service wants to fight fire with fire and use their own drones to prevent any future incursions.

Last month, headlines were made after some mysterious drone operator decided to test the limits of legality by flying a drone into the grounds of the White House in Washington DC, despite the fact that President Barack Obama was on a state visit to India at the time.

The drone was found to have crashed into the grounds and was only discovered after a Secret Service member stumbled across it raising serious questions of how easy would it be to target the US president?

Now however, it seems that the US Secret Service is going to take on drones with their own drones after issuing a very brief statement to the press, according to The Washington Post, which said that they will put drones through a series of exercises in the coming days and weeks in areas they describe as “normally flight restricted areas.”

What these drones actually intend to do bar patrolling the White House grounds remains to be seen but it could all prove to be a moot point after drone producers DJI decided to install an update to their drones’ firmware to not allow it fly over certain locations, including the White House.  

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic