World IoT report shows EMEA developers least interested in IoT projects

27 Jul 2015

A new, major, worldwide internet of things (IoT) study on where the sector is right now shows worrying signs for EMEA developers, who as a continent are the least interested in developing the technology.

The world IoT report was undertaken by the Evans Data Corporation (EDC), which conducted 578 in-depth interviews with developers who are currently working on developing apps for connecting devices.

According to the study published online and covered by Forbes, it appears that the vastness of the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) is seriously hampering the region’s ability to sell itself as a future IoT leader.

Despite the IoT market being valued at close to US$14.3trn by 2030, the study shows that 44pc of developers in the EMEA region have no plans to engage in IoT projects, with only 17pc currently developing IoT projects.

In comparison, the highest-scoring percentage of those currently engaged in projects are based in Asia and Oceania, accounting for 26pc with only 13pc not engaging, while North America comes just behind with 23pc engaged and 32pc not engaged.

Meanwhile, South America appears to have significant plans to develop IoT technology, with 60pc of the developers surveyed saying they have plans to develop IoT in the near future.


World IoT study

Office productivity rated higher than connected cars

Other key findings of the report show that more than half (55.4pc) of developers connect to other devices through the cloud with office productivity accounting for the focus of their apps’ functionality (15.8pc).

Meanwhile, developers looking into connected car technology accounts for just 4.9pc of apps, but more than health and fitness and augmented reality technology, which both account for less than 2pc.

Discussing their fears of what IoT technology will bring, it is quite clear that security issues appear to be what keeps 20pc of IoT app developers up at night, with 15pc concerned that the technology could exceed its actual demand.

Mac OS X development is minimal

IoT developers appear to care not a jot for developing apps using the Mac OS X, rather deciding to go with either Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, with the latter two accounting for 43.7pc and 37.6pc respectively.

Mac OS X accounts for just 1.9pc.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic