What are managed print services?

22 Dec 2010

Managed print services (MPS) involves managing and optimising document output devices, such as printers, multifunctional printers (MFP), copiers and multifunctional devices (MFD), in a unified fashion. The services are designed to assist a business in minimising the cost and maximising the productivity associated with printing and imaging.

MPS ensure that quality demands are met time and time again. In a busy company a faulty printer can mean all the difference in the world. Regardless of the nature of the business or the size of the company considering MPS is essential to save money, time and resources – a must in today’s competitive marketplace.

Why managed print services?

Cost reduction

MPS can help a business control unpredictable and often excessive annual printing expenses, not only from the cost of printers, toners and paper but from additional hardware, maintenance services and power consumption.

One solution

By creating a single source for all your consumables, support and service you will have one monthly payment, single point of accountability for all devices and complete visibility into your business output and device expenses.

Reduce carbon footprint

Many businesses are starting to realise how effective management of resources can play a huge part in reducing their carbon footprint and helping the environment. Our latest machines and toner production process reduce CO2, NOx and SOx emissions which can help reduce global warming and acid rain by up to 40pc.


Multiple brands of devices makes it nearly impossible to stock consumables and coordinate service between multiple vendors. We develop a printing strategy with full transparency on the fleet and service performance, allowing for maximum control with minimal effort in order to reduce downtime and improve end user productivity.

Benefits of MPS at each level

Management level

  • Implementation of a managed print strategy considerably cuts costs, boosts productivity and creates efficiencies.
  • These savings will ensure your output devices do not negatively impact the bottom line, allowing you to stay competitive in your core business.

Financial level

  • MPS aims to reduce total cost of ownership associated with an unmanaged print environment. Average cost saving can be up to 30pc.
  • Better understanding and more accurate measurements of printing costs.
  • Printing assets are fully inventoried.
  • MPS streamlines your accounts payable process by creating a single source for all consumables, support and service.

IT level

  • Up to 90pc reduction in help desk calls, allowing the IT department to focus on core business priorities.
  • All devices are fully identified and mapped.
  • Proactive maintenance and supply ensures all issues are identified and resolved.

Operational level

  • Accurate inventory control.
  • Future hardware purchases can be based on actual usage and needs.
  • View the print environment and receive quantitative reporting.

End-user level

  • Reliable service and support, minimising printer downtime.
  • Automated supply replenishment delivered directly to your location.
  • Seamless access to networked printers and MFP’s allows end users to work more efficiently.


To contact MJ FloodPrint Services

call: 01 4663500

website: www.mjf.ie


MJ Flood MPS program allows you to customise a total solution by choosing an array of support options that meet the specific needs of your business.  Our MPS program is based on a three-pillar approach:


Analysing the business situation and advising them in order to find an optimal solution for the business and to improve workflows:

  • Print audits, mapping and user interviews
  • Identify opportunities for optimisation
  • Design and visualisation of new print strategy


More than just installing a new print solution we offer change management to the extent wanted by the customer. This process includes:

  • Dedicated project management resource
  • Technical consulting and remote support
  • Tailored training to key users and internal support staff


After initial testing and the establishment of the new print infrastructure MJ Flood offer a tailored portfolio of services to run and manage the fleet:

  • Full operational responsibilities, eg, replacement and delivery of consumables and other notifications associated with devices
  • Continuous monitoring of all net-worked and locally detached devices
  • Regular review and proposal for future improvements

Many businesses have no idea how many printers they have, how much time is spent maintaining them and most importantly the true total cost of ownership.

Did you know?

  • On average 1-3pc of revenue is spent on document out-put annually
  • It is estimated 60pc of service calls are print output related
  • ·The potential for savings is up to 30pc by managing your print fleet
  • The actual purchase of devices is only a fraction (5-10pc) of the total cost of ownership. Supplies and maintenance are where the majority of the costs are hidden (90-95pc)
  • Printing device volumes are increasing by 11pc annually (9pc black and white; 19pc colour)
  • Toner is the single, greatest cost over the life of your MFP, ranking higher than maintenance and the initial cost of hardware.

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