Amazon brings Black Friday madness to Europe

26 Nov 2010

The US’ Black Friday shopping insanity is spreading to Europe, as has products on special offer starting at certain times.

Amazon has had this sale all week and it will all come to a head today. The store will be revealing offerings throughout the day on its Black Friday page. Some offers will be shown at 10am, with others being released at 12pm.

Coming up next, at the time of writing, is an offer for Creative GigaWorks HD50 Speakers, which will be cut from its original ST£85.99 price tag to a lower one to be revealed.

There appear to be camera deals, which will be on offer from 12pm, including a deal on a Canon DSLR.

There are hints as to what could be on offer, too. For example, at about 9pm GMT tonight, Amazon will reveal an offer that is “an eXcellent box of tricks,” which suggests a deal for an Xbox 360 console.

At 3pm today, there will be an offer for a notebook which “you won’t be writing on,” suggesting a laptop deal.

Offers appear to be selling out incredibly fast. According to CNET, the sheer speed at which products are sold out is causing consumer outrage.

Even when I was checking offers to reference, deals had sold out within mere seconds.

Amazon UK is said to be announcing offers early on its Facebook page. Anyone who wishes to avail of these better have their clicking fingers on the ready, as there’s a lot of competition for the must-have gifts.