Angry Birds lands on Android

15 Oct 2010

Angry Birds, the mobile game that broke records on the Apple App Store, has arrived for free on the Android platform.

The game lets players use a slingshot, catapulting angry birds at items in order to strategically knock them out.

Rovio, the game’s developer, launched it on indie mobile app store GetJar, which will have a 24-hour exclusive on the title, before it gets launched on Google’s Android Market.

According to Peter Vesterbacka, who runs Rovio’s US office, Angry Birds is used more than 65 minutes per day solely on the paid version for the iPhone.

He predicts that, with its launch on Android, the game will rise in use to 100 minutes a day.

The company is also planning 20 soft toys based on the characters of the app.

The Android launch proved popular, so much so that Rovio’s site went down temporarily.

Angry Birds is also available on Palm and Symbian.