BBC iPlayer app now includes Airplay

20 Oct 2011

Thanks to the rollout of iOS 5, users of the popular BBC iPlayer app can now switch content wirelessly from their iPad to their TV via Apple’s Airplay technology, the broadcaster revealed this morning.

BBC iPlayer subscribers with an iPad and an Apple TV can use Airplay to send content from the player onto their HD TV without the need to mess with wires and plugs.

“We’ve also chosen a video quality that works well for both the iPad and the big screen so you can choose to watch video on your iPad or on your TV and easily switch between them,” the BBC said this morning.

The broadcaster said that since it launched the global iPlayer in July, subscribers have been asking it to make Airplay work so they could extend their enjoyment of the product by playing video on their TVs.

The release of iOS 5 allowed the BBC to be one of the first video-on-demand providers to enable Airplay.

Matthew Littleford, general manager, said: “We’re constantly looking at how to develop and evolve the global BBC iPlayer and it’s right that through this upgrade, we are able to offer our subscribers Airplay.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years