Charlie Sheen’s first tweet attracts 621,000 followers on Twitter

2 Mar 2011

His turbulent personal life has long been a public spectacle, but it seems more than 621,000 Twitter users are hooked. In less than 12 hours, Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen has become a Twitter sensation and is hurtling towards 1m followers.

From drunken hotel parties to surrendering his children to the authorities, Sheen (45) is a regular news fixture and his nutty antics are tabloid fodder.

But last night at around 11pm, the actor’s ‘verified’ status on Twitter as @CharlieSheen had already amassed him 120,000 followers.

At the time of writing, Sheen had 621,339 followers on the microblogging/social networking site.

Charlie Sheen’s first tweet

And his first tweet? It goes: “Winning..! Choose your Vice……”

Attached to the tweet is a picture of Sheen in a base ball cap with an attractive young lady holding a bottle of chocolate milk.

As the Hardy Bucks would put it, mad as a bag of spiders.

Below, Sheen’s first tweet:

sheen's first tweet

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