Which countries get the most value for money out of Netflix?

27 Nov 2018

Netflix login screen on a laptop. Image: kamachi/Depositphotos

While Netflix subscribers in Canada are getting the most bang for their buck, Danish viewers are paying through the nose.

Netflix not only provides the entertainment for chilled evenings and date nights, but it also consumes approximately 15pc of the world’s total bandwidth right now, given that more than 125m people across the planet are paid subscribers.

However, with the massive disparity in annual monthly income across the world, the price we pay for a monthly Netflix subscription does not fall at a fixed amount. Now, new research from Comparitech has crunched the numbers to find whether you are getting good value for money from your subscription.

Its methodology involved finding the total Netflix catalogue for the 78 countries where it is available and then dividing the basic subscription cost per title per month. Then, it evaluated the standard cost per month in each country and how this shapes up against others based on current currency exchange rates.

Chart showing the average cost per title of Netflix in different countries.

The average cost per title in different countries. Image: Comparitech

Denmark gets a raw deal

Irish readers might be slightly peeved to find out that the country is among the 10 most expensive places to get Netflix in the world, coming in fifth place, paying 8.8pc more than the average global Netflix user. The price of €7.99 per month is based on the cost of the cheapest Netflix subscription package, compared with the current standard package that comes in at €10.99 per month.

In terms of library size, Irish users have access to 5,023 titles at the time of writing – compared with the US, which has 5,839 – meaning we pay approximately €0.0015 per title.

But spare a thought for Denmark, where not only does it have a significantly smaller library of 3,305 titles, but is also ranked as the most expensive place to get the service globally. A monthly subscription there costs the equivalent of $11.94, with the cheapest plan making it 36.6pc more expensive than the global average. Just below it in the costly ranking are Switzerland, Norway and Sweden.

Iranian Netflix users are not getting their value for money compared with other nations as they have to pay the equivalent of $7.99 a month for only 2,301 titles.

Canadian account holders, meanwhile, are by far getting the best deal with more than 5,500 titles, but paying 10pc less than those in the UK, US and Australia. Denmark pays 100pc more per title than Canadian customers, while the average customer worldwide pays 57pc more than Canadians.

Netflix login screen on a laptop. Image: kamachi/Depositphotos

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic