Facebook unveils news feed changes to give users greater control

10 Nov 2014

Facebook's update news feed. Photo via newsroom.fb.com

Facebook users are to be given more control of what they see in their news feed as the social network has today rolled out changes to how the service works.

Each story that appears in the feed now comes with additional tools that are accessible via the arrow in the top right corner of the post. Users can now choose to see less from that person or page or even choose to unfollow a person completely without the awkwardness of unfriending. In addition, new settings now revel statistics of the most prominent people, pages and groups seen in a news feed over the previous seven days.

“We love your feedback about what you want to see in news feed so we can work to get you the experience that you want,” said product manager Greg Marra in a video (click below to view). “We’ve built and updated a few tools to help you do that.”

Just last week Facebook added a new button to news feeds that facilitates donations to charities fighting the deadly disease Ebola. The feature allows users to send money to International Medical Corps, the Red Cross and Save the Children – three non-profit organisations operating on the ground in West Africa – as well as publicly share what they have donated.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic