Lady Gaga first person to get 10m Facebook fans

5 Jul 2010

It turns out that the most liked person in webdom is Lady Gaga, as the pop star’s following on Facebook reached a staggering 10m on 4 July.

Everybody loves Stefani Germanotta. Better known as Lady Gaga, the pop star who likes to appear outrageous has been working online social networking to her advantage, outranking all other (living) celebrities.

Michael Jackson, you see, has 15m Facebook fans but seeing as he’s not around to reap the benefits Gaga can claim this particular crown.

She’s even posted a video on her Facebook page to thank her fans for their ‘like this’ dedication.

She’s no slouch on Twitter either, with almost 5m followers – 4,776,366 to be exact – but social media-savvy actor Aston Kutcher, who runs his own production company Katalyst that produces online video, beats her with 5,197,461 followers. All I’m saying is I’m glad they’re both way ahead of pop star Justin Bieber.