Minecraft player spends 2 years and 4.5m blocks to make mega-city

17 Oct 2014

A bird's eye view of Fox Gaming's mega city. Image via Fox Gaming/imgur

The game Minecraft has seen hours upon hours of creation poured into it so far, but one man in particular has spent two years creating a mega-city from blocks and has recorded his work.

The Reddit user Fox Gaming posted photos and a video of what is arguably a digital masterpiece, having used as many as 4.5m blocks to create the city that from a distance looks reminiscent of the equally loved sim series, Sim City.

The only slightly controversial addition to the New York-esque skyline is the inclusion of what are obviously the World Trade Center towers that were brought down during the 9/11 attacks which he claims to have aspired to include for his love of the buildings.

The inclusion of the World Trade Center towers proved controversial with Reddit followers. Image via Fox Gaming/imgur

In response to comments in the Reddit thread regarding the incredible digital world and whether he got to see much sun during his time, he explained that he does indeed have a life outside of gaming: “I spent as much time on this as most game enthusiasts spend on their collections of games. I have a lot of friends and I go outside regularly.”

The game has become a phenomenon among both children and adults alike and was just recently purchased by Microsoft for US$2.5bn in a bid to bolster its own successful gaming franchises, that will soon include a Minecraft film.

A panoramic image of the city’s skyline. Image via Fox Gaming/imgur

Having created the city on the Xbox 360 version of the game, Fox Gaming is now letting people explore the city for themselves by releasing a download file of his city for free on his YouTube channel.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic