Crash, bang, wallop! What a NASA crash test montage!

31 Aug 2015

Those familiar with any form of engineering feats will know that there’s an enormous amount of testing required before anything leaves the ground, let alone goes into space. And now we can see the fails in all their glory.

The NASA crash test montage is a compilation of several aircraft and spacecraft tests conducted at the Langley Research Center showing several crafts being dropped from various heights.

The equipment used is capable of dropping objects from as high as 400ft up and was originally built in 1965 to test the lunar landing module, which simulated touchdown procedures for the Apollo moon missions.

Now, those working at the centre spend most of their working week crashing things into the ground and their specially-designed pool, which ain’t too shabby.

The three-minute video is a goldmine for GIF creators, with this journalist finding this particular moment GIF-worthy.

Also, bonus kudos to the editor of the video for choosing quite possibly the cheesiest ’90s-style synth to back the music, even though it could be argued a Rocky-style one would have been more suited.

Either way, sit back and enjoy the crashes.

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Crash test dummy image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic