Netflix UK and Ireland subscribers will be first to get season 5 of Breaking Bad

16 Oct 2012

The fifth season of award-winning series Breaking Bad was first broadcast in the US this summer, but as far as Netflix is concerned viewers in the UK and Ireland will get first access to the latest episodes, even before US subscribers.

In a coup for Netflix’s UK and Ireland division, subscribers on the European side of the Atlantic will get on-demand access to the first eight episodes of season 5 before any other region. These episodes aired earlier this year on US channel AMC with the second half of season 5 due to air in summer 2013.

Part 1 of season 5 will be available to Netflix subscribers in the UK and Ireland from 1 November. While the series may be picked up by other broadcasters by this time, Netflix’s on-demand access means users can watch all eight episodes whenever it suits them.

Breaking Bad has driven up Netflix’s streaming figures with each new season added.

“Season 4 broke viewing records for us across the board and we expect fans of the show to be even more excited about season 5, part 1 becoming available so soon after their premiere on television in the United States,” said Kelly Merryman, vice-president of content acquisition at Netflix.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic