Nintendo to release pink and white 3DS bundles for Christmas

26 Oct 2011

Nintendo will release white and pink versions of its portable Nintendo 3DS console for Christmas.

The pink Nintendo 3DS bundle will include the console and a copy of Nintendogs and cats, aimed squarely at the young female audience.

Nintendogs and cats lets players take care of a virtual pet, utilising the console’s 3D graphics and functions. Its inner camera recognises the face of the player, allowing the animal to follow their head movements.

Players can also use the microphone and stylus to teach their pet a variety of tricks with voice commands.

The ‘ice white’ Nintendo 3DS will comes with Super Mario 3D Land, a new Mario game which draws on classic gameplay from older games, along with new touches.

Players can take control of Mario to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches once again with abilities such as the Propeller Box, Boomerang Mario and binoculars.

Boomerang Mario lets players immobilise enemies with a boomerang while donning a blue shell and helmet. The Propeller Box lets players fly to reach secret areas and the binoculars lets players see from the first-person perspective to spot enemies and hidden objectives.

The pink Nintendo 3DS bundle is available from 18 November and the white Nintendo 3DS bundle is available from 2 December.