Restaurant offers discount to patrons who won’t use mobile phones at tables

17 Aug 2012

Sorry, no discount for you

Patrons are eating up a Los Angeles, California, restaurant’s offer of a 5pc discount on their bills if they check their mobile phones at the door.

In addition to the discount in exchange for not using their mobile phones at the tables, Eva Restaurant’s chef and owner Mark Gold told radio station KPCC-FM he hopes patrons will also receive relaxation and more enjoyment of their dining experiences.

And, dare we say, not annoy other diners with text message alerts, loud mobile phone conversations, or photography flashes as meals are being photographed to be shared on social media.

However, Gold said it’s not about people disrupting other guests.

“Eva is home, and we want to create that environment of home, and we want people to connect again,” Gold said.

“We’re trying to create an ambiance where you come in and really enjoy the experience and the food and the company.”

Gold added that nearly half his patrons have taken up the offer.

Mobile in restaurant image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic