Sony brings 3D support and Facebook integration to PS3

21 Sep 2010

Sony has released new firmware update that brings 3D Blu-ray support and Facebook integration to the PlayStation 3.

Version 3.50 will be available to internet connected PlayStation 3 owners when they next turn on their console.

Users still need a 3D-compatible TV to avail of this service. Sony hopes to sell 2.5 million 3D-equipped television sets this year alone and plans to expand this technology from high end to mid-market TVs.

Sony has begun offering simple 3D games on the PlayStation Store, which this update will support.

It will also work for Blu-ray 3D films coming into the market, such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Monsters vs Aliens.

The update also brings integration with Facebook to the PS3.

It will allow developers to include the Facebook feature in PS3 games, which will let players access their accounts and share updates about their game achievements with their friends.

The update also includes a new ‘Grief Reporting’ system, which allows players to send reports regarding inappropriate messages received directly from the XMB interface of the console.