Viral videos of the week – 16/12/2012

16 Dec 2012

We take a look at some of the most-viewed and most-shared videos on the web. This week features a super villain who just wants to rap, a look at what we have been searching for in 2012, how to use a clipboard and some mistletoe to your advantage, ‘The Belfast Bigot’ and, erm, is there poop on the moon?!

More than 72 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute in 2012, with more than 800m unique user visits and more than 4bn hours of video watched each month. More than 500 years of video is watched on Facebook every day, and more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute, ensuring there is always video trending on the web.

With so much video available for viewing, we take a look at some of the viral videos that have caught our eye this week.

Bane outtakes (Auralnauts extended edition) 

I can’t have been the only one who sat during the last instalment of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and thought “Bane’s voice is going to be so easy to dub over”. Well, YouTube users Auralnauts have done exactly that with this excellent effort. The re-dubbed Bane is more concerned about his diet and winning rap battles than destroying the city of Gotham. And Batman is the quintessential boy-racer.  


Uploaded: 7 December 2012 


Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review 

It’s been a hell of a year, hasn’t it? We’ve seen a US presidential election, the London Olympics, a guy jumping from the edge of space and even a video so viral it is set to reach 1bn views in less than seven months. Google has been keeping tabs on what has been happening and this week published its 2012 zeitgeist of the most searched for items. The accompanying video is one of the best compilations you will see and gives a nice insight into what we have been looking for this year. 


Uploaded: 12 December 2012 


Mistletoe Kissing Prank 

There’s nothing more annoying than being approached by someone holding a clipboard while out shopping, is there? Well, shoppers in this mall have a small bit of a reason to talk to the holder. Under the guise of conducting a survey on whether the kissing under the mistletoe tradition is still alive, the unsuspecting surveyees are in for a little surprise from above. Right, I’m off to pick up a clipboard and some string. 


Uploaded: 12 December 2012 


Compilation Belfast bigot/No surrender woman 

If you have been watching the news at any time in the last week or so you’ll no doubt know there is a bit of trouble going on in Belfast. The only good thing that can emerge from something like this? Viral videos! What has been dubbed ‘The Belfast Bigot’ by internet users, a protestor shouting through a broken window at Belfast City Hall has been adapted into a number of famous scenes from movies and television. Thankfully, YouTube user Mrizqz has made a compilation of all of them. 


Uploaded: 11 December 2012 


Is There Poop on the Moon? ft. Smarter Every Day 

MinutePhysics are the go-to guys for entertaining physics videos on YouTube. They’re not afraid to tackle the big questions, like ‘What if the Earth were hollow’, ‘Why is it dark at night’ and ‘Does the universe have a purpose’? Finally, they are answering the question that keeps us all up at night, erm, is there poop on the moon?! 


Uploaded: 13 December 2012