Create your own big bangs with the right chemistry (interactive video) – Gigglebit

4 Jul 2015

You don't need to have a science lab to conduct chemistry experiments thanks to this amazing interactive video.

Create your own chemical reaction from a set of ingredients and see the startling results in all their explosive or phosphorescent beauty with this amazing, interactive video.

I can count on one hand the number of times in three years’ science education at secondary level that we actually got to visit the lab to see science experiments taking place.

I recall a particularly smelly experiment involving copper and bromide with the aid of a Bunsen burner. But that was it.

In this brilliant BBC video you can play with some of the key chemical combinations without the aid of a periodic table of the elements or a fire extinguisher and see what happens – will your experiments produce big bangs, damp squibs or beautiful phosphorescent glows?

Check it out!

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