Fuel-efficient car drives 2,457 km on one fuel tank

11 Oct 2010

A new world record was set last week when a Volkswagen was driven the longest distance by a standard production passenger car on one tank of fuel.

The ultra-efficient Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion – which has an emphasis on high fuel efficiency – took part in the record-breaking drive and set a new Guinness World Record when it travelled 1,527 miles (2,457 kilometres) on a single tank of fuel last week, according to the Sunday Times UK.

During the record-breaking attempt, the Passat travelled through the UK town of Maidstone, Kent, England, then to the south of France and then returned, before depleting its fuel reserves near the French town of Calais.


The average speed during the drive was just over 45 miles per hour (72 kilometres per hour) and for the duration of the attempt, Guinness representatives followed closely to observe the run.

According to the Times report, the Passat’s fuel tank was drained before the record-breaking journey and filled with 77.25 litres of standard forecourt diesel, resulting in an overall fuel consumption of 89.83 miles per gallon.

The Passat was a standard production model fitted with aerodynamic bodywork modifications, a lower ride height, stop-start, programmed battery charging, longer gearing and low-rolling resistance tyres.