New report to outline green infrastructure for developers

20 Aug 2010

Property developers and planners will benefit from a new report to be published by Comhar Sustainable Development Council (SDC) next Tuesday, with areas of natural drainage and wetlands mapped out so that they can be included in sustainable built developments.

This will be one part of an overall report that will propose a green infrastructure planning approach that can be used at national, regional and local levels and will also help Ireland come into line with various legislative requirements.

The report will explain the economic and social benefits of a green infrastructure approach including conserving natural spaces like woodlands, coastlines, city parks and street trees.

“Green infrastructure provides space for nature to deliver vital ecological services that underpin our quality of life.  For example, street trees reduce air pollution and provide shade; wetlands help alleviate flooding and open spaces are important for recreation and health,” said Dr Cathy Maguire, director of research at Comhar SDC and editor of the report.

“By protecting our biodiversity and enhancing our green infrastructure, Ireland can adapt more effectively to climate change while – at the same time – meeting a range of complex legislative requirements in an integrated way which is likely to be more cost effective than the current piecemeal approach,” she added.

Comhar Sustainable Development Council was established in 1999 as the forum for national consultation and dialogue on all issues relating to sustainable development.  The Council has 25 members drawn from the State sector, the economic sector, environmental NGOs, social/community NGOs, and the professional/academic sector.