The car does the parking in Birmingham complex

28 Sep 2010

Looking for a car parking space has become a thing of the past – that is if you happen to frequent Birmingham’s Cube Complex.

The car park in the Cube, a major mixed development, has a £2m (around €2.6m) robotic system that enables cars to park themselves using a motorised shelf system.

As access to the Cube car park is hampered by local businesses, the car park is 20 metres below the canal side office and apartment development.


So instead of physically attempting to access the car park and search for a space, an innovative solution sees motorists drive into a lift and their vehicle is lowered on a robotic shelf, rotated and parked in an empty area.

It is thought to be one of only two systems like it in the world that uses the same technology and was necessary due to the depth of the car park.

“The Cube car park is 20 metres below ground, so we’d have a long ramp to get to it which would destroy all of the retail and restaurant frontages,” designer Neil Edginton said in a recent interview with BBC News.

The Cube is a mixed development that incorporates offices, shops, apartments and a rooftop restaurant.